About us

The FCF s.r.l. is a company based in Italy that offers its customers technologically advanced products and services. The Group is one of the main suppliers of various sectors, energy, chemistry, oil and gas, earth-moving machines, as well as specialized technical processing services.
The presence of customers from different industrial sectors is gaining more and more importance.

A share of between 10 and 15% of FCF products is sold to the FCF Group’s activities, which are driven by the desire to find the best solutions for their customers.

This is what has happened in the last 12 years and the company’s commitment to the future remains.

The FCF group is guided by its long-term orientation, financial strength and the excellence of the ALL-MADE IN ITALY people.

chi siamo about us

Innovation and experience, a mix that leads us to make lasting collaborations

The FCF srl is the parent company responsible for the strategic management of the Group. FCF srl acts as the parent company of the various Business Groups, with responsibility for the operational management of the same, and especially towards the company, and in the ethical respect of each country.

The diversity of the divisions, of the industrial sectors, of the technologies used, allow us to cross a huge amount of data and experiences in order to always offer, technology, preparation, news always available on the markets, and always be a step forward.

The companies present in the most important regions of the Italian territory, to support our customers in the best possible way, make them a constant service and know-how, immediate answers.

Business Area


From the beginning FCF has joined the ENI world with the gaskets division, for oil and gas plants and platforms both on and off shore, in maintenance and construction of new ones.

FCF has always proved to be a reliable and professional partner, acquiring over the years the entire chain of the world of paiping. Special products suitable to withstand the most aggressive chemicals and prohibitive temperatures and where maximum cleanliness and hygiene is required.


Luxury packaging for exclusive products, combining various industrial techniques and drawing on FCF, we are able to collaborate with the most prestigious national and international cosmetics and objects.


FCF products play a primary role in protecting the environment and improving efficiency acoustic and thermal industrial soundproofing.

It produces and sells sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials for soundproofing machinery, providing a complete partnership service to the mechanical, naval, transportation and construction industries.


Thanks to the experience of the industry we have managed to bring the culture of acoustics in the field of luxury furniture.

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