Privacy Policy


We apply the same high standards that you expect from our products and services when managing your personal data. We aim to establish and maintain a relationship with our customers and potential customers based on trust. The confidentiality and integrity of your personal data are important to us. Therefore, we will treat them carefully and for specific purposes, in line with the consent that may have issued us and, in any case, in compliance with the provisions of the law on data protection.

The FCF S.r.l. Privacy Policy describes, in the following sections, how we collect and process personal data about clients and potential customers.


Who we are.

FCF S.r.l. (hereinafter “FCF”), with registered office at 48122 Ravenna (RA), Via Travaglini 10, is involved in the

  1. production and sale of gaskets of any kind and material in the oil, chemical, mining, hydraulic and gas and water pipelines; the trade of industrial and hydraulic fittings, as well as accessories, spare parts and hydraulic material; shearing of any material;
  2. thermo-acoustic insulation, the production of refrigeration insulation and of any other nature and kind, the construction of refrigeration systems and machinery, as well as the marketing of all insulating materials and related accessories and of the equipment necessary for the production of insulation and insulation.

Furthermore, it manages the website and

FCF is therefore the data controller of the personal data collected through its website, the contact activity for the customer regarding operational and contractual issues, and in the resolution of technical issues.

FCF provides the role of data controller in the context of these activities, where it provides the services offered directly and through its own facilities.

The contact details of the data controller indicated above and their personal data protection managers can be found at the bottom of this information. In this Privacy Statement, the term “We” refers to FCF.

FCF acts as the data controller (e-mail contact and collects and / or receives information regarding the interested party, such as: personal data (name, surname, physical address, nationality, province and municipality of residence , landline and / or mobile, fax, fiscal code, e-mail address), banking data, telematic traffic data (such as log, IP address of origin).

We do not require the interested party to provide data c.d. “Special”, or, according to the GDPR (art. 9), personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, as well as genetic data, data biometrics intended to uniquely identify an individual, data relating to health or sex life or sexual orientation of the person. In the event that the service required of us requires the processing of such data, the interested party will receive a prior notice and will be required to give appropriate consent.


Data collection mode

FCF processes your personal data, among others, in the following circumstances:

  • If you contact us directly, for example through our websites, by e-mail or by telephone through our direct line, in order to request information about our products and services.
  • If you buy our product or service.
  • If you respond to our marketing campaigns, for example by filling in a reply form, or by entering data on our website.
  • If your contact details are communicated to us by a third party with your consent.
  • If other commercial partner companies legitimately transfer your personal data to us.
  • If we acquire your personal data from other sources (eg from intermediaries), in full compliance with applicable legislation.
  • If you attend an event organized by FCF.

If you provide personal data on behalf of someone else, it is your responsibility to make sure, before doing so, that the interested party has read this Privacy Statement. If you are under 18, please do not provide us with any personal information.

We ask for your support in order to keep your personal data up to date, informing us of any changes to them.


What personal data concerning you can be collected?

The following categories of personal data concerning you can be collected through the various services and contact channels described in this Privacy Policy:

  • Contact details – information regarding name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
  • Interests – information that you provide us regarding your interests.
  • Other personal data – information that you provide us with regards to your date of birth, education or professional situation.
  • Contract data – customer number, contract number.
  • Use of the Site and Communications – information relating to the ways in which we use our site, open or forward our communications, including information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies.
  • Online contact request – data – information on accounts related to the online contact request through our site.
  • Information on Sales and Assistance – information relating to purchases, support and assistance, including complaints.
  • Details of the requested service or product – configuration – information on the functions and current settings of your request.
  • Images – images that depict your person collected through photos and / or videos made during events organized by FCF.


Purpose of the processing (article 13, paragraph 1 GDPR)

The data are used by the Data Controller to process the registration and the contract for the supply of the chosen service and / or the product purchased, to manage and execute the requests for contact forwarded by the Data Subject, to provide assistance, to comply with legal and regulatory obligations which the Data Controller is required to perform based on the activity performed. In no case we resell the personal data of the interested party to third parties, nor do we use them for undeclared purposes.

The collection and processing of personal data (art. 13 co. 2 GDPR) is necessary to implement the requested services, as well as for the provision of the service and / or the supply of the requested product. If the interested party does not provide the personal data expressly provided for as necessary, the owner will not be able to follow up the treatments related to the management of the requested services and / or the contract and the services / products connected to it, nor to the duties that depend on them.

The processing of personal data in compliance with European regulations on data protection must be legitimized by one of the various legal “prerequisites” provided and we are required to indicate these conditions for each treatment described in this statement. More specifically, the data of the interested party will be processed for:

A. registration and contact requests and / or information material

The processing of the personal data of the interested party takes place in order to proceed with the preliminary activities and consequent to the request for registration, to the management of requests for information and contact and / or sending of informative material, as well as for the fulfillment of any other obligation arising.

The legal basis of these treatments is the fulfillment of the services inherent to the application for registration, information and contact and / or sending of informative material and compliance with legal obligations.

B. management of the contractual relationship

The processing of the personal data of the Interested party takes place to carry out the preliminary activities and consequent to the purchase of a Service and / or a Product, the management of the relative order, the provision of the Service itself and / or the production and / or the shipment of the purchased Product, the relative invoicing and the payment management, the handling of complaints and / or reports to the assistance service and the provision of the assistance itself, as well as the fulfillment of any other obligation deriving from the contract.

Condition for processing: fulfillment of contractual obligations.

C. Customer loyalty and marketing – to provide you with news and offers.

FCF collects contact data, interests, other personal data, use of the site and communications and can use the information on sales and assistance it receives from you in order to contact you regarding generic commercial offers, including the sending periodic newsletters, or in line with your preferences or to invite you to promotional events, as well as to carry out market research and / or customer satisfaction surveys.

Prerequisite for treatment: consent.

Choice: Consent can be revoked at any time.

D. Purpose: Sending newsletter – to allow periodic sending of newsletters.

FCF collects contact details through a special section of the site, and any paper proposals, in order to send periodic e-mail communications, with information on offers, products, news, events.

Condition for processing: fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Choice: unsubscribe from the newsletter portal.

E. Fulfillment of a request by the Client – to respond to his requests (eg request, contract signing, quotes, contact request, execution of a service, etc.),

FCF collects contact details and interests, at order to respond to your requests, even sharing, if necessary, such information third parties or commercial partners that can act as autonomous data controllers after the release of their information.

Prerequisite for processing: execution of pre-contractual measures.

The personal data collected for the purpose of “Fulfillment of a request by the Customer” may also be processed for the further purpose of Checking the effectiveness of the response to your requests, so as to improve the service rendered to its customers.

Legitimate interest: This treatment is based on the legitimate interest of the FCF to evaluate the degree of effectiveness of the feedback to the requests of the customers so as to verify that the standards of quality of the services are in conformity with those prefixed, and adopt any improvement measures that may be made appropriate, also in the interests of the clientele itself.

Choice: – opposition in the case of legitimate interest, if the conditions exist.

F. Support for sales and assistance – to provide support, including through the provision of the IT infrastructure, in the management of the sale, including online, of products and services requested by you.

Condition for processing: fulfillment of contractual obligations, legitimate interest.

Legitimate interest: This treatment is based on the legitimate interest of FCF to satisfy any customer requests and problems that may arise during sales and assistance.

Choice: – opposition in the case of legitimate interest, if the conditions exist.

G. Promotion of FCF – to promote FCF on social channels or other media.

On the occasion of events in which a photo / video recording service is provided, FCF may collect the Image data, without acknowledging any compensation, in order to promote the FCF activity by publishing the same on social media channels (eg. : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or broadcast through local, national or international newspapers.

Prerequisite for treatment: consent

Choice: the consent can be revoked at any time, save the publication on the social channels.

H. Compliance with the legally binding demands of your personal data and protection in court of your own right – to fulfill legal obligations, regulations or judicial authority provisions, as well as to defend a right in court.

All owners are subject to the laws of the countries in which they operate and must comply with these laws. Where this is the obligation we will provide information concerning you to law enforcement agencies, regulations and court documents anywhere in the world. Furthermore, FCF may process your personal data where it needs to defend its own rights in court.

Condition for the treatment: legal obligations, legitimate interest.

Legitimate interest: This treatment is based on the legitimate interest of the FCF to protect and defend its rights.

Choice: – opposition in the case of legitimate interest, if the conditions exist

I. Managing contact requests on the website and – in order to provide services to which you can have access.

FCF will process the account data in order to allow contacts;

Conditions for processing: fulfillment of contractual obligations

Choice: online account cancellation.


Security of personal data storage

We use a wide range of security measures, including encryption and authentication tools, in order to improve the protection and maintenance of security, integrity and accessibility of your personal data.

Although it is not possible to guarantee the security from intrusions for the transmission of data that takes place on the Internet and websites, we and our subcontractors and business partners work to ensure physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal data in accordance with the requirements for data protection. We adopt, among others, measures such as:

  • the strict restriction of access to your personal data, based on need and for the sole purposes communicated;
  • the transfer of data collected only in encrypted form;
  • the storage of highly confidential information (such as credit card information) only in secure mode;
  • IT firewall systems to prohibit unauthorized access, for example by hackers;
  • permanent monitoring of access to IT systems to identify and stop the abuse of personal data.

If we have provided you (or you have chosen) a password that allows you access to certain sections of our website or other portals, applications or services provided by us, you will be responsible for maintaining the secrecy of this password and for respecting any other security procedure of which I give you news. We ask you not to share passwords with anyone.


Protection of Location Data

Some services can be offered only if you reveal your location. We take the confidentiality of location data very seriously.

Below are the security measures applied to the location data (including information accessible in the assistance process):

  • these data are stored, in the form associated with you, only for the time necessary to fulfill the permitted purposes;
  • these data are collected, stored or accessed in the form necessary to provide the requested service, or in accordance with the law;

However, we ask you to consider that we will not be able to provide you with certain features of our services, should you limit the collection of your Location Data.


Duration of data retention

We keep your personal data only for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected or for any other legitimate purposes connected (for example, where they are relevant for a defense against claims made against us or in the presence of a legitimate interest). Therefore, if personal data are processed for two different purposes, we will keep such data until the purpose expires with the longer term; however, we will no longer treat personal data for that purpose whose retention period has ceased.

We limit access to your information to those who need to use it for relevant purposes.

Your personal data that are no longer necessary, or for which there is no longer a legal prerequisite for its conservation, are irreversibly anonymized (and thus can be stored) or permanently deleted. To this end, personal data will be stored for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. For greater clarity we report below the retention periods relating to the main purposes:

Marketing purposes: personal data processed for marketing purposes may be stored for 10 years from the date on which we obtained your last consent for this purpose (with the exception of opposition to receive further communications).

Fulfillment of contractual obligations: the data processed to fulfill any contractual obligation with you, may be kept for the entire duration of the contract as well as for subsequent 10 years from the end of the fiscal year following that of competence, to face any investigation and / or tax dispute.

In the event of disputes: in the event that it is necessary to defend ourselves or act or even make claims against you or third parties, we may keep the personal data that we consider to be reasonably necessary to process for these purposes, for as long as this claim can be pursued.

Treatment of images and videos: the data relating to the Image and the videos will be kept in the FCF databases for a period of 24 months, to be subsequently deleted by them.


Communication of your data abroad

Your personal data may be accessed by our staff, agents and suppliers also located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), for one of the established purposes, whose laws regarding data protection could be of a lower standard than those of the AEE. In the latter case, we will ensure that all your personal data accessible outside the EEA is treated with appropriate safeguards.

Some countries outside the EEA, such as Canada and Switzerland, have been authorized by the European Commission as they provide similar protection to that of the EEA legislation on data protection, and therefore no additional legal protection is required. In the case of foreign countries that have not obtained such authorization, such as India or Japan, you will be asked for your consent to the transfer or your personal data will be transferred using the contractual clauses approved by the European Commission. These clauses impose similar data protection obligations directly on the recipient, unless we are allowed by the applicable data protection law to transfer the data without such formalities.

FCF uses a number of suppliers to assist in the provision of the services and treatments listed.

Although the transmission of data via the Internet or websites cannot be guaranteed as safe from intrusions, we and our subcontractors, as well as our commercial partners, strive to maintain physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect your data personal, compliant with the requirements imposed by data protection legislation.

All your personal data is stored on our protected computer systems (or paper copies securely stored) or on those of our subcontractors or our business partners, and are accessible and usable according to our standards and our security policies (or equivalent standards for our subcontractors or business partners).

Where available, the personal data we collect may be disclosed to third parties, on your behalf and with your consent, only for the purpose of allowing these parties to render their services.

Where necessary to process a specific request, your personal data may be disclosed to the third party or business partner who may make the service requested.


Use of cookies

In order to improve navigation on the Site, FCF uses “cookies”. A cookie is a small file, generally consisting of letters and numbers, which is downloaded to a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies allow a website to recognize the user device, to track navigation through the various pages of a website and to identify users returning to a website. Cookies do not contain information that personally identifies the user, but the personal information that FCF records about the user may be linked to information contained in cookies and taken from them. Cookies can be technical, analytical and profiling:

  • Technical cookies are used to make and facilitate user browsing, provide and allow the use of Website services by users. Cookies allow the user, during a second access, for example, not to have to re-enter data such as the user name for access.
  • Analytical cookies are used to analyze and monitor how the Website is used (e.g. number of accesses and pages viewed), in order to allow FCF to make the appropriate changes to the Website in operation and navigation.
  • Profiling cookies are used to track user navigation on the Website and create profiles based on tastes, habits, choices, etc. These cookies can be used to send advertising messages to the user in line with the preferences expressed by the user while browsing online.

FCF does not use profiling cookies.

Analytical cookies of third parties

FCF uses the following analytical cookies:

  • Google Analytics

This Website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, text files that are stored on the user’s computer and allow analysis of the use of the Site. The information on the use of this Site generated by the cookie is usually transmitted to the Google server in the United States and stored there. In case of activation on the anonymous IP site, the users’ IP address will first be abbreviated by
Google, however, within the member states of the European Union or in other States parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases, the full IP address will be transmitted to Google’s server and shortened to the United States. Google uses this information on behalf of the operator of this site to evaluate the use of the site by users, to draw up reports on the site’s activities, and to provide the operator of the site with additional services related to the use of the site and the Internet. The IP address transmitted by the users’ browser as part of Google Analytics will not be associated with other Google data. Users can authorize the use of Google analytics cookies by continuing to browse on the site afterwards
have read the announcement on the site. Users can, however, prevent the storage of cookies by selecting the appropriate setting of the browser software, however, in the latter case, users may not be able to use all the functions of this Site. Users may also prevent Google records the data generated by the cookie and those related to the use of the Site by users (including the IP address) and the processing of such data by downloading and installing the plug-in available at the following link http: // tools / dlpage / gaoptout? hl = itde). Users can prevent the recording of data by Google Analytics by clicking the following link. An opt-out cookie is set that prevents future registration of user data during the visit of this site. Then click: Deactivation Google Analytics More detailed information on the conditions of use and data protection are available at or at / intl / en / policies /.

  • Adobe Site Catalyst

This Site uses Adobe Site Catalyst, an Adobe web analytics service. (“Adobe”). The information on the use of this Site generated by cookies is usually transmitted to an Adobe server in the United States and stored. More detailed information on the conditions of use and data protection is available at

  • Google Maps
  • FCF does not receive information on the content of the data transmitted and its use by Google. For this reason, consult Google’s clarifications on data protection for more information:

The Site also uses the following third-party analytical cookies:

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Using web beacons

The FCF website may have digital images that are not recognized as web beacons (sometimes also referred to as GIFs or pixel tags), also linked to the use of cookies, in order to gather information on how the site is used. The web beacons may provide some types of
information found on the user’s computer, such as the time and date on which the page was visited, the description of the page where the web beacon is located, or the cookies themselves. Such web beacons can also be found in promotional e-mails and in newsletters, in order to confirm that the message has been opened and read. FCF may use third party web beacons to facilitate the collection of aggregate statistics on the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns or on other aspects concerning the management of its sites.


Activation / deactivation of cookies and web beacons

Users can authorize FCF to use cookies and web beacons by continuing to browse the site after reading the banner on the site. If users do not intend to authorize the use, they must set the browser to refuse the acceptance of cookies. It should be noted that the refusal / disabling of cookies limits the usability and navigation of the site.


The rights of the interested party (articles 15 – 20 GDPR)

The interested party has the right to obtain from the data controller the following:

A – confirmation that personal data concerning him is being processed and in this case, to obtain access to personal data and the following information:

  1. the purposes of the processing;
  2. the categories of personal data in question;
  3. the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be communicated;
  4. when possible, the period of storage of personal data provided or, if it is not possible, the criteria used to determine this period;
  5. the existence of the data subject’s right to request the data controller to rectify or cancel personal data or limit the processing of personal data concerning him or to oppose their processing;
  6. the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;
  7. if the data is not collected from the interested party, all available information on their origin;
  8. the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling, and, at least in such cases, significant information on the logic used, as well as the importance and expected consequences of such treatment for the data subject.
  9. the appropriate guarantees provided by the third country (outside the EU) or an international organization to protect any data transferred

B – the right to obtain a copy of the personal data subject to processing, provided that this right does not infringe the rights and freedoms of others; In the event of further copies requested by the interested party, the data controller may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs.

C – the right to obtain from the data controller the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning him without unjustified delay

D – the right to obtain from the data controller the cancellation of personal data concerning him without unjustified delay, if the reasons provided by the GDPR to the art. 17, among which, for example, in the event that they are no longer necessary for the purposes of the processing or if this is assumed to be illicit, and always if the conditions established by law exist; and in any case if the treatment is not justified by another equally legitimate reason;

E – the right to obtain the treatment limitation from the data controller, in the cases envisaged by art. 18 of the GDPR, for example where it has disputed the accuracy, for the period necessary for the Owner to verify its accuracy. The interested party must be informed, in due time, even when the suspension period has been completed or the reason for the limitation of the processing has ceased, and therefore the limitation itself revoked;

F – the right to obtain communication from the holder of the recipients to whom requests for corrections or cancellations or limitations of processing have been transmitted, unless this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort.


Opposition of the interested party to the processing of their personal data? (Art. 21 GDPR)

For reasons related to the particular situation of the interested party, the same may object at any time to the processing of his personal data if it is based on legitimate interest or if it occurs for commercial promotion activities, sending the request to the Owner.

The interested party has the right to the cancellation of their personal data if there is no legitimate prevailing reason of the Owner with respect to that which gave rise to the request, and in any case in the event that the Data Subject has opposed the processing for commercial promotion activities.


To whom can the complainant propose (Article 15 GDPR)

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial action, the interested party may submit a complaint to the competent control authority in the Italian territory (Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data) or to the one that carries out its tasks and exercises its powers in the Member State where the violation of the GDPR occurred.


How to check and change the privacy settings

The interested party can verify and modify the online settings for the use of your data using the relative options present. Here you can choose your preferred communication channel (communication via mail, email, etc.).

It can also access data and, where possible, change it. The settings for the use of your data by FCF partners, however, can be modified by contacting the third party directly.


Contact details of the Data Controller, data protection rights and the right to make complaints before the Control Authority.

If you have questions regarding the processing by us of your personal data, please contact us by writing directly to, or to the telephone number +39 0544 422342(Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm / 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm ).

You can also contact the Data Protection Officer.

He will also be able to make direct choices regarding marketing communications through the indicated channels.

Based on current legislation, you have the right to ask us:

  • further details on the treatments we carry out,
  • copy of the personal data you provided,
  • to update any inaccuracies in the data in our possession,
  • to cancel any data for which we no longer had any legal prerequisites for processing,
  • to withdraw your consent, in the event that the processing is based on consent and is related to direct marketing activities, so that such treatment ceases,
  • to oppose any processing based on legitimate interests unless the reasons for which we are obliged to perform such treatment outweigh any prejudice to your data protection rights,
  • to limit the way in which we process your personal data during the verification of a complaint.

The exercise of these rights is subject to some exceptions aimed at safeguarding the public interest (for example the prevention or identification of crimes) and our interests. In the event that you exercise any of the aforementioned rights, it will be our responsibility to verify that you are entitled to exercise it and we will reply you, as a rule, within one month.

In the event that you, by fulfilling the requirements, revoke your consent or exercise the right of cancellation it will be necessary to consider that this operation will require a technical processing time which we will take care to minimize, but during which it could still be contacted in the context of the marketing activities that have already taken place. In some cases , we keep the data for limited periods when it is necessary to keep them for legitimate business or legal purposes.

We always try to ensure that our services protect the information from accidental or malicious deletion. For this reason, there may be delays between the time when you delete something and the time when the copies are actually deleted from our active and backup systems. Some data, in fact, can be deleted whenever you want, others are automatically deleted and others again they are kept for longer periods of time, where necessary. If you decide to delete some data, we will abide by elimination rules to ensure that your data is completely and safely removed from our servers or that it is stored anonymously. If you are not satisfied with the way we process your personal data, or of our feedback, you will have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.


Company and Personal Data Protection Manager contacts.

If you have any questions regarding the processing by us of your personal data, you can first contact us at the following addresses:

48122 Ravenna (RA), Via Travaglini 10
Tel. 0544 422342
Orario 9.00 – 13.00/ 15.00 – 18.00
mail e pec:;


Legal requirements for the processing of personal data

The processing of your personal data described above is authorized by European legislation on data processing, based on the following legal assumptions:

  • Consent: if you have consented to their use having released your consent that can be revoked at any time.
  • Execution of pre-contractual measures or fulfillment of contractual obligations: if it is necessary to conclude or to fulfill a contract with us or to execute pre-contractual measures;
  • Legal obligations: if for us it is necessary to use your personal data to respect our legal obligations;
  • Legitimate interest: if we use your personal data to pursue a legitimate interest and our reasons are superior to any prejudice to your data protection rights;
  • Legitimate interest: where it is necessary for us to defend ourselves, take legal action or make claims in his, our or third parties.

Authorized treatments are possible based on additional requirements; in this case we will do all that is reasonably possible to identify this assumption and give appropriate communication.


Changes to Privacy Statement

For legal and / or organizational reasons, this Privacy Policy may be subject to changes; we therefore recommend that you regularly check this Privacy Policy and consult the latest version of the same. In the event that FCF makes changes that the company deems important, users will be informed via the Site.


Links to third party sites

While browsing, content may be viewed that links to third-party sites. FCF cannot access or control cookies or other functions used by third party sites, and the procedures of such external sites are not governed by our Privacy Policy. Therefore, the user should contact and / or directly consult the third parties in question for further information on the privacy protection procedures adopted by them.

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